4 X FOUR HEX – Avila Online Book 1

Hey all!

Fancy a bit of Civ building? Ever miss a good turn-based fighting scrap? Would you like to summon a hero from a playing card? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you’re in for a treat. Avila Online is my latest little series. 4X Four Hex is the first book in the series, with the second, Chasmic, following in a couple of months. The audio is recorded and in the hands of the ACX Gods but you’re in for a treat when it’s released as it is narrated by the hugely talented Jack Voraces.

I won’t clog up the page with the blurb, but here’s the highlights:

Settlement building


Mild swearing

The pure horror of turn based fighting

Playing cards

A man with a piggery

One man dominates Avila – another must take him down or die.

Bilda FOH Smartown has the biggest civilization in Avila. He brings in billions in ad revenue. Everything is branded. For instance, you can partake of a foamy ale in the Troll and Tourniquet pub – sponsored by Texatron Auto-air, the cheapest deals on the best air cars – or pull the lever at the High Summer Hangings – courtesy of Blue Bird Neon. Perhaps you’d like to sponsor a battle and ride with the fiercest centaurs, or hire a bard and seduce a princess. Everything and anything has a price tag in Bilda’s empire. Revenue is king, and coincidently, so is Bilda.

So when Bilda demands his agents take a cut in their percentage, it’s not well received. Especially since they made him what he is.

A bet is made.

A plan is hatched.

Now one man is tasked with building a civilization from nothing, one that must rival Bilda’s, or he’ll be thrown back to the slums he came from, where he’s not particularly welcome, to put it mildly.

Oh, and he’s got six months to do it!

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen when LitRPG and Trading Places meet, then you’re a little odd, but the answer is 4X Four Hex.

Mild cursing – No frolicking – but…


Yes, you heard it right. 4X Four Hex brings turn based fighting to your reading device. Experience the true horror of what it’s like to stand there and wait for your opponent’s strike!