Dead Server 7 Series – Book 1

Wizard of Quintz- Dead Server 7 Book 1

Sometimes, a hero hatches from the unlikeliest soul…

★★★★ Lots of fun and belly laughs – Royal Road reviewer ★★★★

Merl Sheepherder is a shepherd, as his name suggests. Except, he isn’t really a good one. He’s often distracted. You see, Merl can see things other folks can’t. For instance, he can see words and numbers hovering over buildings, and if he studies an item hard enough, a golden plaque full of scribble appears. Most every one of his friends, and his enemies for that matter, has three letters over their head. If you asked Merl what they say though, he won’t be able to tell you because he can’t read.

It doesn’t bother Merl too much, but it does his dad. So, when a wizard camps out in a nearby wood, his dad drags Merl to see him. No one could truly predict what happens next, after all, medieval zombies aren’t really a thing, and surely a simple farmhand can’t hold the fate of the known world in his calloused hands?

That would be unheard of.

Reverse town building. What the heck’s that? 

No, he doesn’t start with a huge town which gradually gets smaller. That would be daft (although…). What we mean is, this three-book series starts off light on stats, but as the books progress, so the stats play a bigger part.

I hear it’s told from a peasant’s eye?

Yeah! Merl’s an uneducated lad, and the book’s told from his perspective. His attitude toward life and death is simplistic.

Is it gory?

It has medieval zombies. What do you think?

When’s the second book out?

Second book is edited. Scheduled for April. Series completes this year.


Moderate to light.


Nope. They have a hard enough time surviving


From our good friends at Podium narrated by the wonderful Wayne Mitchell