ALEXA DREY – Hero Hunting

Barakdor Book 3 Cover Image

A LitRPG Novel by Ember Lane

When LitRPG meets Epic Fantasy, things are bound to get feisty.

Alexa Drey arrived in the virtual land of Barakdor a complete novice, but now she’s getting the hang of it, now she’s starting to have fun. As her and her powerful companions travel from Castle Zybond to Brokenford, a strange draw pulls them west, and the adventures begin.

In this, the third book in the Barakdor series of books, Alexa must learn to stand on her own feet, face down her enemies, and try to work out who her real friends are as she battles through the land. If she doesn’t, she will certainly fail in her quests.

All the while, a force from beyond the mists lurks, waiting, watching. A force that Alexa will have to face soon enough, the only question is: Will she be strong enough when the time comes?

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