Build your kingdom – Destroy your enemies

Dragons Mist book Cover image

What would you do if you woke up in a strange land?

What if you had no idea why?

Would you fight, or would you curl up into a ball and cry?

What if your fate was sealed by a booming announcement that cracked across the vast blue skies?

“Greetings, welcome to The Land of The Lessermen. You have arrived in the nick of time. War looms, its dire thunderheads crowding our once glorious sky. This land needs a strong hand such as yours. A hundred must battle for victory, and at the end, there can be only one.”

You’ve played the games, now read the book!

For Connor O’Grady this nightmare comes true. He wakes in a land and is propelled into an age called Legendary, where he has to fight his way up from nothing, literally nothing, not even a pair of pants.  He must learn to survive, to fight, and to enlist the help of others in order to build a civilization capable of winning.

Because there is no other option.

This is a LitRPG – Civ building fantasy tale and includes progression stats and settlement stats.

For lovers of 4X strategy MMORPG civilization building games who enjoy a tale woven in the lands they spend far too much time in.

dragons born book cover image

Dragon’s Born

DRAGON’S BORN Ready for another round of 4X Litrpg? I’ve got you covered! Dragon’s Born, the follow up to Dragon’s Mist and the second instalment in Warlords of the Circle Sea is now live on Amazon. Here’s the skinny, sample

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Dragons Mist Audiobook Cover Image

Dragon’s Mist Audiobook

Dragon’s Mist Audiobook Dragon’s Mist is now available on Audible. Listen to the wonderful Pavi Proczko tell the story in only the way that Pavi can – which is GREAT!

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Barakdor Book 4 Cover Image

Secrets of Starellion – Barakdor book 4

Secrets of Starellion I hope I find you well! Do you fancy delving back into my virtual fantasy land? Because, although my fingers are gradually wearing away, I have another Barakdor ready for you.In Secrets of Starellion we follow Lincoln’s

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image Barakdor Book 3 - Alexa Drey - Hero Hunting

Barakdor Book 3 – Hero Hunting

Barakdor Book 3 – Hero Hunting Barakdor 3 is out! Fresh from her trials and tribulations at Castle Zybond, Alexa Drey is finding her feet in the land. Hero Hunting, follows her next couple of months in the virtual world

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Barakdor Book 2 Cover Image


COMING SOON My name is Alexa Drey. I recently entered cryogenic suspension aboard the colony ship Spear Of Light bound for the settlement planet, Celleron. During the long journey I was to be immersed in a virtual reality game to

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