Barakdor Book 4 Cover ImageLincoln is stewing.
If your gut tells you you’re a warrior, it’s best to listen to it right from the start. Joan’s Creek is coming along nicely, and Sanctuary’s well under way, and technically his game as a builder is right on track.
Until he gets a reminder of what he is missing.
Alexa Drey has swept through bringing chaos and adventure, one minute she’s there, the next she’s gone.
Just a memory.
A grinding memory.
A reminder of what his game could have been like.
If he’d chosen warrior.
Not builder.

So when he’s offered the chance to confront Belzarra Mistprowler, a witch who lives in the middle of Tanglewood, and try to persuade her to join his quest to clear Starellion, he very near jumps at the chance.

But something about Tanglewood doesn’t add up.
Something’s not quite right.
Is that a…?

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