There’s a saying…
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Connor is going from strength to strength!
He’s finally got his borders secure by taking Portsmouth. Not only that, but he’s conquered the adjacent land of Certaindeath and defeated Lord Zerg Zerg to take Zergatory. Things are looking up for our favorite warlord, and he’s rightly pleased with himself.


But there’s another saying…
Pride comes before the fall.


Best of the series so far. Great work.

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Join Connor, Edward, Ellen, Yosaku and the gang as they battle their way toward world domination! 

Remember! There can be only one!

This is a LitRPG-Civ building fantasy tale that includes progression stats and settlement stats.
For lovers of 4X MMORPG civilization building games who enjoy a tale woven in the lands they spend far too much time in!

Warning! Contains curse words!

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Dragon’s Born

DRAGON’S BORN Ready for another round of 4X Litrpg? I’ve got you covered! Dragon’s Born, the follow up to Dragon’s Mist and the second instalment in Warlords of the Circle Sea is now live on Amazon. Here’s the skinny, sample

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