A day early, but I thought you’d like to know…

I’m pleased to say that another book from The Land of Barakdor is now available in the Amazon store. As promised, it follows Alexa Drey’s start, and a fairly peculiar start it is too. But first, The Legacy Builder.
Thank you, everyone of you, that made this book a best seller in its category for over a week solid. For a debut book in a series, that’s some feat. So, thank you again. I hope you’ll stick with the series as we get into the meat of the adventure.
A favor though, if you haven’t left a review, I’d love to get to 50. Could you quickly pop one up here? It doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering…

To the next book!

Barakdor Book 2 Cover ImageI’m so happy to introduce Alexa Drey. Of all the characters I’ve written about, she’s one most fun to imagine. She gets angry, frustrated, finds fun in nearly everything, has the curiosity of a cat, and finds trouble fast, gets in trouble faster.
Along with Lincoln, she’s a central character to the whole story arc, and I hope you get to know her well.
This story is her introduction to the land, and a curious one it is too.
You can pick it up HERE, it’s on KU too, so if you’re subscribed to that, it’s free with your subscription.
There’s no rest either. The next in the series, Hero Hunting, has been sent away to my editor, and is on schedule for early May. It features both Lincoln and Alexa. If that isn’t enough, the fourth book, The Secrets Of Starellion, is underway.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you’ll love reading about Alexa as much as I did writing her,

As I’ve always stated, this is a release newsletter, so until the next one…

Thanks again, for reading about Barakdor, and for reading this little update.

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