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I am pleased to announce that Dragon’s Mist, the first book in the series Warlords of the Circle Sea, is now available on Amazon. The second book, Dragon’s Born is written and with my editor.

The Audio for Dragon’s Mist has been recorded by the fantastic Pavi Proczko, and is, at the time of this post, going through Audible’s quality processes. An educated guess would be late February in the stores.

Here’s the blurb…

Build your kingdom – Destroy your enemies

Dragons Mist book Cover image

What would you do if you woke up in a strange land?

What if you had no idea why?

Would you fight, or would you curl up into a ball and cry?

What if your fate was sealed by a booming announcement that cracked across the vast blue skies?

“Greetings, welcome to The Land of The Lessermen. You have arrived in the nick of time. War looms, its dire thunderheads crowding our once glorious sky. This land needs a strong hand such as yours. A hundred must battle for victory, and at the end, there can be only one.”

You’ve played the games, now read the book!

For Connor O’Grady this nightmare comes true. He wakes in a land and is propelled into an age called Legendary, where he has to fight his way up from nothing, literally nothing, not even a pair of pants.  He must learn to survive, to fight, and to enlist the help of others in order to build a civilization capable of winning.

Because there is no other option.

This is a LitRPG – Civ building fantasy tale and includes progression stats and settlement stats.

For lovers of 4X strategy MMORPG civilization building games who enjoy a tale woven in the lands they spend far too much time in.

Warning: Contains curse words.

Book 2 is currently in edit.